I told you not to hurt her.
Now after years you decide that staying with her is going to hurt her after you’ve made yourself the only thing she needs. Was she an experiment to you? Did you need to feel loved for a little bit? I know you didn’t get bored because lord knows that girl isn’t boring, shes the most amazing human being I’ve ever come across and you, you’re just a person who is desperate to feel the sadness in your life. You sit in the shadows and expect someone to shine their light on you, only to run away in fear after they do. I hope for your sake you get some sort of help because i worry about your sanity, her well being and her light. You cant just destroy someone thinking they’ll be the same the rest of their life. People lose vitality and belief because of people like you liars like you. Well any way, i wont hurt you, I’ve decided not to harm you or contact you at all.